Thursday, February 25, 2010

Glass painting / Glass painted card

I made this card by doing glass painting on an acetate sheet. These glass colors are solvent bases and were from hobby ideas (their black liner is really good). I pasted the piece of acetate in the window of a card from a card-making set that was also bought from hobby ideas. The corner stamps and ink was from hobby ideas too.

M-seal flowers / how to make m-seal flowers

This is how the m-seal flower looks after it was painted with acrylic colours. Please see the next post for tutorial of how to make m-seal flowers.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

m seal flowers/ m-seal work/ mseal flower making tutorial part 1

Materials Required : m-seal , fevicol, talcum powder, any cylindrical bottle or rolling pin, craft knife, paper, Item on which flowers are to be pasted.


1)Mix the two halves of m-seal properly till it is a uniform whitish gray.

2)Place a piece of paper on your table and dust it with talcum powder.

3)Put the m-seal dough on your paper and roll it out like a roti. It should be 2 mm thick

4) Draw a template of petals of the flower you wish to make on a piece of paper.

5)Place that template on your rolled out mseal. Dab it with your fingers so that it sticks a little to the surface of the mseal.

6)With a knife cut out the petal, sliding the knife along the edges of the template, while holding the template steady with the fingers of your other hand.

7)Cut out all your petals. See the video on how to cut flower petals. I am using one hand because I had to hold the camera with the other one.

8)With the back end of your knife make veins on your petal if required.(Some flower petals have veins). It depends on your flower. I am making an Azalea which has veined petals.

9)Paste petals one by one on the item you with the flower to be .

10)M-seal typically takes 20 min to dry thoroughly . Shape your petals after 7/8 minutes of cutting or else they will lose their shape.

11)To shape the flower properly, keep shaping the petals a few times while drying because again they may lose shape while drying.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hand crafted fridge magent/Hand-made fridge magnet

Real dimensions - 1 inch diameter
This fridge magnet was made from a bottle cap. The edges were lined with epoxy resin material (m-seal) used mostly for closing leakages in pipes etc. Then rhinestones / kundans were simple stuck onto the m-seal while it was little soft (it dries in 10 mins). a patterned paper was stuck inside the cap after the m-seal had dried . The white m-seal can be colored after it dries with any acrylic color. A ganesha picture was cut out , dome sticker (bought from hobby ideas store) pasted on it and the image was pasted inside the bottle cap with thick double sided tape .

Quilled Greeting card ,Quilled flowers

Monday, February 15, 2010

Really simple greeting card made with punched flowers

This very simple card was made in under 15 mins. Large and small flowers were punched and pasted to the card using tack adhesive for 3D effect. The vase was made with stiff paper.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Quilled card,Quilled greeting card

Made this quilled card inspired by the balloon flower. I took an idea from to make the flowers. This is was my first attempt at making larger flowers. The loose coil type of quilling proved more difficult than it seems. After I finished quilling I took a look at a few youtube videos for learning the proper technique.

A video of quilling project by crafts beautiful on youtube helped clear a few doubts.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Simple Quilled Card

This easy quilled card was made in under 15 mins. The flowers are made from ready-made 1 cm wide strips.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paper punch card

made this super easy paper punch card with waste magazine papers. This could be a good project for kids.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Quilled card

Recently made this quilled card with a bouquet of quilled flowers...Took inspiration from a lot of sites on the web.