Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hand-made decoupage tray

Hi y'all!Got down to some other forms of crafting other than card-making.
Had bought a wooden tray from Hobby Ideas almost a year back and couldn't think of how to paint it.The black color comes from a series of failed attempts at using crackle paint in the right way.I just couldn't get the right combination of colors.In the end it looked like a crazy abstract expressionist piece!So went ahead and colored it black!The sunflowers  decoupage paper is from Hobby Ideas.Pasted the images using modge-podge.I still have to paint  a top layer of varnish though.Hope you like it! suggestions are welcome as to what combo of colors would look good on something like a wooden tray.


  1. That is lovely.... Very attractive piece of art..... :-)


  2. Very nice!
    Kisses, from Buenos Aires, Argentina,


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