Monday, June 28, 2010

It's a Boy card

A big Hi to all my dear friends, fellow bloggers/crafters! Finally got down to some crafting after a hectic trip out of the city.
 I don't know if I have mentioned, but I actually am a fan of clean and simple cards...but I find it difficult to create something simple without it looking drab!
A few months back I had bought this pack of cardstock with square apertures from Hobby Ideas store in Mumbai, but I must admit I was quite disappointed with the texture of the's just plain cartridge sheen no nothing...and quite costly too!Buy it if you must!And so I decided to do something with it..I can't let it just lie around.
This sketch from CPS inspired me to use this card-stock.So made this card for CPS sketch 173
So I decided to do some stitching with a cotton anchor thread..(Tip:First pierce the paper with the needle  wherever you want your needle to come out of the paper coz stitching paper is no easy job!)
The baby boy stamp is from a set of clear stamps from Hobby Ideas.This set has alphabet characters too!
White stamping ink is also from Hobby Ideas.
The star punches are from an embroidery supplies store in Vashi sector -9 market,Mumbai.Ialso found a fabulous multicolor twine in this shop which I used for making a tiny bow. Perfect for tying on buttons etc.
Hope you like the card!


  1. Gorgeous cards, Shraddha. I hope to visit more often!!

    Do you live in Vashi??

  2. cute card!.. the twine is wow! :D

  3. very cuddly card.... Subtle colors..... :-)


  4. Very cute card!! Great job with CPS Sketch 173!!



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