Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Secret sweetheart swap

Hi guys!
This is a picture of the wonderful package I received from Rachana a few days back as a part of the secret sweetheart swap organised by Indianstampers blog.She sent me a really sweet hand-written note too..I was thrilled to receive her lovley package!!Thanks soo much Rachana you are really very very sweeet!So the secret sweetheart swap was so much fun and quite a success too!Kudos Indianstampers blog for this wonderful event!

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  1. Aweosme goodies put together.... What I liked the most in this pool is the hand written letter..... I loved it so very much... I'm sure it must have made u feel really really good.... Thanks to Rachana & to you for all the enthu u have showed..... Hugs))))



Thankyou for your wonderful comments!