Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wish you all a very happy 2011 and winner of my candy...

Wish all you lovely people a very happy 2011...thankyou so much for taking part in my candy..I visited as many of your blogs  as I could and had a lot of fun!!I will surely return to your blogs as soon as I find a little more brother's wedding went really well..and so did my anniversary..thankyou so much for your lemme quickly declare the winner of my candy..(I did it the old fashioned way...writing names on little chits of paper and my hubby picked one folded chit ). and that's Bhavana...congrats and  do mail me with your adress dear.


  1. Congrats Bhavana.


  2. Hey Kudos Bhavana.... Enjoy the goodies... Wishes & Hugs)))


  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!may all ur wishes come true.
    Congrats to bhavana.

  4. congrats bhawana!!!and wish u a very Happy Anniversary Shraddha.

  5. Hi, Shraddha!!! what a pity i missed your candy!! :((((( sorry, had no time recently to come~
    i want to tell you HAPPY NEW YEAR, dear!!! may your all dreams come true!!! :)

  6. Sharrdna, Happy new year for you and your family, be happy!!!:))
    And congratulations to Bhavana!:)


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