Saturday, January 29, 2011

Asha Ki Kiran (A ray of hope)

Hi All!
Hope you remember me!! This is such an apt title for this post  and it is dedicated to my dear friend  Asha ..well I dunno how to start but let me's been almost a month since I've been back from my brothers wedding went really well..all the ceremonies were beautiful..and totally enjoyed myself.Well after getting back ..I just couldn't get back to mojo just decided to take an extended I kept waiting and waiting.(.plus I have been waiting for my big-shot too) but mojo never returned.I had given up all hopes of it returning...until I got a call from dear Asha who was constantly messaging and asking me what was up and why I wasn't making cards.We spoke for the first time and almost for an hour..about soo many things ..And voila! after we spoke  my mojo just appeared out of nowhere and I sat down at midnight and was up making his card till 2 you see though my mojo hasn't returned completely I see a ray of hope..I'm assured it isn't gone for good..thankyou Asha..and I dedicate this card to you..I mean I made it for you..sorry to ruin the surprise..I made the card totally inspired by my lovely buddy Sasya's card infact it is very similar..I am such a huge fan of hers I just can't help imitating her style (please don't be annoyed Sasya).It is based in the card patternds  sketch 99 but  I didn't enter it in the challenge because I don't think it would be fair.Have a nice day you all!!!


  1. This is simply beautiful..and there is never a harm in imitating someone's is infact a compliment to them that you love their style so much, you can help but use that as inspiration!
    Welcome back, and hope to see some more projects from you soon!


  2. I agree with Tejal..It is clean and simple and really pretty

  3. beautiful,love the colors.welcome back:)

  4. Thats a beautiful card and In the process of following someone, we always learn something so do not worry!

  5. Hey Shraddha,

    Sorry could not check it out yesterday... Hence here now.... It is really adorable with the subtle approach to it... & it is really kind of you to do what u did..... It's touching.... But I like the way I feel... & that feel has moved me.... Wishes & Hugs))))


  6. what a stunning comeback dear....loved the card..its just amazing...


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