Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Teeny weeny butterflies

This is a card I made based loosely on SS#37 but I didn't feel like entering it in the challenge because I feel it lacks finesse ..but I do like the card so I posted it anyways.The following is a lovely card  I received from Sherryann, she sent me this wonderful card alongwith some fabric flowers and her handmade ribbons ..and I love them they are soo pretty..thankyou Sherryann and thanks Yvonne for hosting such a wonderful challenge on your amazing blog!


  1. cute card,love the embossed paper n butterfly.and thats a gorgeous flowers n ribbons u received.lucky u:)))

  2. loved the card...why didnt you post it....its good.the stuff u got from sheryann is really pretty.lucky gal.

  3. nice card especially loved the white background paper...is it handmade embossed? n lucky girl wat lovely flowers...

  4. oh why dont you add this beautiful card?? i love those cute little flowers!! :) very very pretty!!!

  5. I like your idea for this card . The colours against the white background does a lot to this card.

  6. Enjoy the goodies.... They are beautiful & very IN right now.... I have not used that embossed paper till date.... Looking at yours gives me the idea of using it as the base itself, but of course it should not look clumsy, then everything is ..... U know!;)But I loved what u made on that base.... Very creative.... Hugs))))



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