Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just to let you know....

Hi guys!! I am back and have sooo many things to share with you all..
I was back in town a week back  ..I had been to my parent's place in Mumbai during my break, while my hubby was traveling to the U.S on work.Sadly I was down with a real bad bout of flu during the last week and had lost my voice for a couple of days too :-( but I'm ok now though I haven't completely regained my strength..I had a fever for almost a week (which is so weird) and had no energy to do anything..my dear hubby was doing so many the chores apart from office work, like getting groceries and making lunch/dinner and also giving me loads of tlc..thanks to which I'm back on my feet :-)
During that week I also received a beautiful and wonderful gift from my idol Sasya and I intend to put up pics of the stuff she sent me but as of now I have no energy (again) to take  any pics.She sent me one of her beautiful cards and loads of papers and stuff...
Well..before my hubby left I had ordered some stuff like dies and embossing folders from acherryontop on my hubby's office address in the U.S and my hubby got the lovely stuff here, but I had ordered my bigshot from another site and 10 days into the order they declined it citing some absurd reason..well that left me in a lurch and I ended up ordering from another site because of which hte bigshot reached my hubby's office after he already left the U.S for India and so it's still lying there :-(  .So sadly my dies are of no use right now.
I have been reading as many of your blogs as I could ..can't get back to creating and posting too...you guys have a nice week and take care!


  1. aww!!take care dear....these days the viral is really bad....sorry about your big shot ...and guess what...i got my big shot 2 months back but have not recd. yhe dies till date...my package from the US is stuck at the customs and now i have to pay loads of duty on that...i guess around 15K..dont know what will happen...

  2. oooh i am so sorry to hear you are so ill! And it is not weird, the one week temperature thingy... its viral i think. i had it too and now i am going thru it again. i was on bed the entire time, such low energy and everything. just dont stop eating solid food. i did that cuz of irritation in my throat and believe me it was a mistake. I fell more sick due to severe weakness. Get well soon!

  3. So sorry to hear about your bad health...hope you get well soon..and so sorry to hear about your big shot..I hope you can find someone who can bring it for you...its just a matter of time...it will be in your hands and you'll be happy as can be..
    Take care and get well soon!!

  4. hope you are feeling better now,take care:)congrats on ur big shot,find some one who can get it for u:))

  5. Oh hope you feel better soon! Bummer about the Big Shot though...:(

  6. now you're OK!!!!! :) that's great!!! i'm waiting for your awesome works! :)
    i'm so happy you received my package without any problems~! :)

  7. ya i will post the pics of my dies soon...thanx


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