Friday, July 23, 2010

Clean n Simple

Hi ! Have been struggling with this card for almost three days now.I wanted to try out the white inkpad I had bought long ago from Hobby Ideas and a set of clear stamps. But I just couldn't get it to look finally exasperated with my attempts, I just put it together and decided to post it anyway ..but I must admit that I am not quite happy with it..and to make it worse all the glue marks are showing too :-( ..Some days are just bad creativity wise.anyways ...Hope you guys have a great weekend..


  1. this card looks perfect, clean and complete! :))

  2. Hi there! This is lovely. :)

  3. Me gusta mucho! Quedó muy linda!
    Besos, y buen fin de semana para vos también!

  4. Looks good! simple ,but we get the idea of the sentiment you have used.

  5. Really pretty... loved this card. Wonderful work.


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