Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hand crafted fridge magent/Hand-made fridge magnet

Real dimensions - 1 inch diameter
This fridge magnet was made from a bottle cap. The edges were lined with epoxy resin material (m-seal) used mostly for closing leakages in pipes etc. Then rhinestones / kundans were simple stuck onto the m-seal while it was little soft (it dries in 10 mins). a patterned paper was stuck inside the cap after the m-seal had dried . The white m-seal can be colored after it dries with any acrylic color. A ganesha picture was cut out , dome sticker (bought from hobby ideas store) pasted on it and the image was pasted inside the bottle cap with thick double sided tape .

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  1. this one is cute! looking forward to more such magnets so i can try them. thanks for this.



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