Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to do glass painting ,Glass painting of Ganesha


1)OHP sheet (Also called transparency sheet used for making slides)

2)Glass paint

3)fevicryl 3D outliner

4)OHP marker pen

5)Design of your choice from the net/any book


1)Draw your design on a paper/tracing paper(I traced it directly from the laptop)

2)Place OHP sheet on your design and with the marker pen, trace the design.

3)On this traced design, paint the outline with 3D outliner.

4)Let it dry for 5 min.With glass colours fill in the area within the outline.(The 3D outliner prevents colour from spreading beyond the outline)

5)Let it dry f0r 10min . Decide the size of painting (the square) and cut the rest of the sheet.

6)Get this sheet framed by a professional.They place the sheet between two glasses and frame it. So you could tell him your choice of size and he will cut the sheet himself.

Will post pictures once they r framed !!!Have fun!!


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