Thursday, November 8, 2012

Important but unfinished ..until today

Today I got to do something I have been  desperately wanting to do for a long time..actually for a year and a half. Last year on my birthday I received three wonderful packages..beautiful gifts from three awesome girls..Ujjwal sent me this beautiful card..Sudha sent me some wonderful papers and Ash sent me this utterly awesome mini, handcrafted with so much love and affection..each page made so painstakingly. Well why I have been so careless as to not post about it then is a very long story..I really wanted to post about these beautiful presents..tell the world how lucky I am to receive these gifts..but I really do want to apologize to these ladies if they are reading my post ..I am truly sorry..but I had genuine reasons. .I seriously hope you alll forgive me..

From Ujjwal

From Ash:

From Sudha

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