Monday, May 7, 2012

Earrings as binder rings!

Hi dearies, hope all of you are doing great!
A few days back I wanted to make a mini album and went around town looking for small binder rings..forget small I couldn't find binder rings at all..maybe I wasn't looking at the right stores , but anyways so my quest lead me to a pair of earrings that I had never worn ... and guess what these rings were just perfect for my was the same shade as the eyelet actually!.Hope you can see it in the picture. So I went ahead and bought a few more in different colors and sizes.I have completed another album where I have used these..these are just perfect for mini albums and tell me what you think of this...will be back with pics of my mini album soon..till then, ciao!


  1. wow ..... i did the same... just one month back i had a order for big scrapbook but i didnt have those big binder rings..then it just clicked ... i used my silver earrings for the same...He he he

  2. Where are you Shraddha??? U got to be seen more often in our world of paper crafts..... :D And I loved this album.... Very cute & appealing!

    Ash... :)


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