Thursday, August 13, 2009

Recycled glass -tea light candle holder

1)Any old/waste glass
2)Fevicryl 3D colours /Glass outliner in gold or metallic colours
3)Glass colour/ceramic/acrylic colour of choice
4)OHP marker/permanent marker
1)Paint your glass with choice of glass/ceramic/acrylic colour
2)Make any free-hand design with help of OHP marker pen after color dries
3)Apply 3D outliner on your design.
4)See recycled glass bottle vase for pictures

How to make recycled glass bottle vase

1)Any glass bottle
2)Fevicryl 3D colour tubes in metallic and glitter
3)OHP marker pen
4)sequins (If you want to make it more ornate)

1)Draw any simple motif on the glass bottle and repeat the design all over with an OHP marker pen(permanent marker).
2)Apply your choice of 3D colours on these motifs.
3)Add sequins etc in between the design if needed.